DateTime - ToEpochTimeSpan

A DateTime extension method that converts the @this to an epoch time span.

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public static void Main()
    DateTime todayDate = DateTime.Now;
	Console.WriteLine("Current Date: {0}\n", todayDate.ToFullDateTimeString());
	// C# Extension Method: DateTime - ToEpochTimeSpan
	TimeSpan epochTimeSpan = todayDate.ToEpochTimeSpan();
	Console.WriteLine("Epoch time span.\n\n");
	Console.WriteLine("   {0,-35} {1,20}", "Value of Days Component:", epochTimeSpan.Days);
	Console.WriteLine("   {0,-35} {1,20}", "Total Number of Days:", epochTimeSpan.TotalDays);
	Console.WriteLine("   {0,-35} {1,20}", "Value of Hours Component:", epochTimeSpan.Hours);
	Console.WriteLine("   {0,-35} {1,20}", "Total Number of Hours:", epochTimeSpan.TotalHours);
	Console.WriteLine("   {0,-35} {1,20}", "Value of Minutes Component:", epochTimeSpan.Minutes);
	Console.WriteLine("   {0,-35} {1,20}", "Total Number of Minutes:", epochTimeSpan.TotalMinutes);
	Console.WriteLine("   {0,-35} {1,20:N0}", "Value of Seconds Component:", epochTimeSpan.Seconds);
	Console.WriteLine("   {0,-35} {1,20:N0}", "Total Number of Seconds:", epochTimeSpan.TotalSeconds);
	Console.WriteLine("   {0,-35} {1,20:N0}", "Value of Milliseconds Component:", epochTimeSpan.Milliseconds);
	Console.WriteLine("   {0,-35} {1,20:N0}", "Total Number of Milliseconds:", epochTimeSpan.TotalMilliseconds);
	Console.WriteLine("   {0,-35} {1,20:N0}", "Ticks:", epochTimeSpan.Ticks);

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using System;

public static partial class Extensions
    /// <summary>
    ///     A DateTime extension method that converts the @this to an epoch time span.
    /// </summary>
    /// <param name="this">The @this to act on.</param>
    /// <returns>@this as a TimeSpan.</returns>
    public static TimeSpan ToEpochTimeSpan(this DateTime @this)
        return @this.Subtract(new DateTime(1970, 1, 1));